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With a mission to develop more effective leaders and enhance team and organizational performance, Peter Yip established CSG Consultancy to provide a total research-based consulting solutions to clients in the Asia Pacific region in 2011. CSG Consultancy is now having a team of 50 consultants to serve different corporate clients to re-define company’s business strategy, develop leaders to drive changes and innovation, and build change-adaptive culture to sustain organizational growth.

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  • Our Leaders Are Expecting More

    By Joe Meyer, CSG Consultancy – Performance Consultant We live in an age of easy access to what is happening in the entire world and particularly in the world of business. There is a mountain of information about how leaders are being developed and how learning organizations are leading in engagement, productivity and profit. Our people know what to expect. Are we letting them down? Are they looking to other companies for these opportunities? The answer is obvious. We then cannot ignore our responsibility and must find a way to build leadership development into how we do things. We need to be up there with those organizations that are well known for learning and development excellence. So, let’s start asking ourselves how we are going to get to this expected and even demanded level.   Plan for the future It takes time and resources and there is only so much money and other resources to budget each year, so we must think about what we need and when. What has to happen first, second and so on? What if in a given year resources are extremely tight? What alternatives do we have? Do we have a plan A, B and even C? If we put together a complete plan of objectives, actions to be taken and the results to be expected, we are well on our way to success. Make that plan robust, “time and unforeseen circumstances befall us all”. We have to make our plan resilient to withstand the challenges and reap the benefits.   One size does not fit all We need to align what is needed with what is provided. There is no point in overdoing anything, in other words, wasting time and resources. However, when development initiatives are inadequate we don’t get the results we need either. Do a proper evaluation of what is needed and match that intervention to the proper level and size. Making sure of the fit by asking: Is it clear and interesting? Does it move people to action? Does it encourage the right behavior? What are the results both factually and anecdotally? Is there a sense of excitement about the initiative? Be observant, objective and most importantly provide the leadership development our leaders expect.


  • Human Resources Management in AR/VR Workshop

    Workshop Objectives Examine AR/VR technology to escalate HR training and development   Course Content Basic Knowledge about AR/VR Difference between AR and VR Types of HMD Market Trend using VR in HR 5 ways to use VR in HR and Recruiting Common HR functions using VR, e.g. recruiting, onboarding, training, & collaborative assessments Video illustrations of using VR in HR Showcase of the latest 360 cameras both professional and consumer grades for live VR Experience trial of various style of VR/360 training contents 2 Hours Lecture and 1 Hour Experience Trial   Workshop Information: Date︰TBC Venue︰TBC Fee︰TBC Language︰TBC   For Enquiry: Please contact Mr. Saiman Au at: Tel: (852) 2591 3576 Email: saiman.au@csg-consultancy.com  

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  • 受MBA課程啟發 踏上創業之路

    《2017年07月21日 (10:00 AM) Posted By Bastille Post 巴士的報》 現任精確環球諮詢總裁葉海興是理大MBA課程第二屆畢業生,課程為他現時的事業打下良好的基礎,他更認爲課程能大大幫助學員擴闊眼界及建立人脈。 理大MBA課程第二屆畢業生,現任精確環球諮詢總裁葉海興(Peter) 20多年前,葉海興( Peter )選擇了理大的MBA課程,為自己的事業與人生鋪路。在修讀MBA課程前,Peter原來早已修畢理大開辦的另外3個課程,除了對理大建立了感情,他亦深明理大的課程具有相當水平,課程設計也較適合自己。Peter直言,理大MBA課程學員都是來自不同界別的專業人士,可大大擴濶自己的人際網絡。此外,學員更有機會到海外企業考察...


    CSG Research is honoured to be the recipient of two awards, the Local Hero award and the Bronze award, at the Agency of the Year Awards 2017 for Market Research. This is an industry recognition of CSG’s 35 years commitment as a customer-centric Hong Kong agency, as we spread our wings regionally.   We want to say a big thank you to all our clients. This recognition was made possible only with the partnership of our clients and associates. With your continued support, we are confident of continuing to strive for greater heights and look forward to more opportunities to work closely with you.   For the newest insights and solutions, please visit: www.csg-worldwide.com   CSG Research

  • Hong Kong Affluent Segment is likely to repeat their New Year Resolutions – CSG Reveals

    22nd February, 2017, Hong Kong: CSG reveals that Hong Kong affluent segment are likely to not commit to their 2017 resolution and 58% of them will make the same resolution again next year.

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