About CSGC

With a mission to develop more effective leaders and enhance team and organizational performance, Peter Yip established CSG Consultancy to provide a total research-based consulting solutions to clients in the Asia Pacific region in 2011. CSG Consultancy is now having a team of 50 consultants to serve different corporate clients to re-define company’s business strategy, develop leaders to drive changes and innovation, and build change-adaptive culture to sustain organizational growth.

Consultants Sharing

  • Our Leaders Are Expecting More

    We live in an age of easy access to what is happening in the entire world and particularly in the world of business. There is a mountain of information about how leaders are being developed and how learning organizations are leading in engagement, productivity and profit. Our people know what to expect. Are we letting them down? Are they looking to other companies for these opportunities? The answer is obvious. We then cannot ignore our responsibility and must find a way to build leadership development into how we do things. We need to be up there with those organizations that are well known for learning and development excellence. So, let’s start asking ourselves how we are going to get to this expected and even demanded level.


  • ESG & Beyond ESG Seminar

    ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Reporting has already been implemented in Hong Kong since 2016 and is getting mature. There are challenges and opportunities. Learning from other countries, ESG could become a profit-making tool, rather than just a cost.

  • 東南西北導航思維體驗班


  • VR2.0 Escape the Curse Teambuilding Programme

    Teambuilding Academy of CSG Consultancy and SandBoxVR are glad to co-facilitate the VR2.0 ESCAPE THE CURSE teambuilding workshop for next level team development. With the original developed interactive experience, participants will be immersed into the all-rounded full view virtual reality environment to establish next level team spirits, from virtual to real life!

Consultancy News

  • GCA and CSGC Announce Strategic Partnership

    CSG Consultancy (“CSGC”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with GCA Professional Services Group (“GCA”) , in an effort to strengthen its growth in the Greater China region and countries along the Belt and Road routes.

  • CSG Consultancy x JetOne: VR 2.0 – Know VR, Know Future Public Workshop

    Virtual Reality (VR) the hot topics in the marketing engaging all generations of staffs. It is more than fun, but to team and leadership results. VR2.0 is the jointed program co-facilitating by both JetOne Motion (a leading VR provider in HK) and CSG Consultancy to open the minds of participants for all generations.

  • WGO Green Events

    Green strategies are one of the most important business strategies for Corporate to include in their strategic planning. It is not only for the Branding but the practical Business Direction and Staff Engagement strategies.

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