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With a mission to develop more effective leaders and enhance team and organizational performance, Peter Yip established CSG Consultancy to provide a total research-based consulting solutions to clients in the Asia Pacific region in 2011. CSG Consultancy is now having a team of 50 consultants to serve different corporate clients to re-define company’s business strategy, develop leaders to drive changes and innovation, and build change-adaptive culture to sustain organizational growth.


「粵港澳大灣區經貿研究院」「粵港澳大灣區學院」乃由「粵港澳大灣區經貿協會」 創辦,目的是發展大灣區經貿研究及高端人才培育,配合國家建設粵港澳大灣區成為全球領先的經濟體。


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  • 掌握電子商務至勝術


  • Human Capital – Current Trend, Valuation Approaches & New ISO Reporting

    Are people an asset or a liability? For decades, accountants have categorized employees as a liability due to their salaries and future pensions.

  • 社交媒體危機管理


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