By Joe Meyer, CSG Consultancy – Performance Consultant


Time is always the excuse

There are so many things to be done!  We often exclaim there is simply not enough time and resources to do everything, so we drop what is less important.  Often the thing that gets dropped is learning and development.

The old adage of “penny wise, pound foolish” is very appropriate here.  It may appear that this is the safest most economical choice at the moment but we pay for this in the future.  Another adage to be used is “we don’t have time to do it right now, but we have time to fix it later”.  That is the issue!  We already know that we must have competent leaders to be competitive, so there is no choice but to build them now.


Why are we doing this?

Simply put, to prepare for the future.  To make sure the organization remains strong and growing.  We can never rest.  The future is only going to get more challenging and at an ever increasing rate of speed.

We must have learning and development be an intractable part of how we do business. The consequences are just too great if we don’t.  In the past the results of not paying attention to this may have taken years, even decades to manifest but that is definitely not the case today.


Fast & Furious

Now that we’ve decided to do something about developing leaders we’ve got to go at it with a “Fast & Furious” mentality.  Just like the movies with this title we go at this work with a high level of excitement and energy.  We are willing to take risks and have some fun along the way.

We’ve established that we’re going to do it and push until we’re doing what we know we should be doing, putting together the high performance team and mechanisms to make it happen.