CSG Consultancy

We are providing high value Change-to-Performance consulting and Cross-Over solutions platform to our SME and Corporate Customers!


About CSG Consultancy – 2019/2020 Focuses: Digital Transformation & Greater Bay Area

In the rapid changing market with blooming technology development, from internal system upgrading to customer journey enhancement, many organisations are planning for different scales of Digital Transformation. The roles of HR function have become more important than ever before. Our HR professionals are required to bridge up the performance gap between existing teams and the desired market needs, with real practical solutions and resources, to assist the business performance directly.

Looking forward the fast development of the Greater Bay Area, CSG Consultancy and our 50+ professional consultant partners are dedicated to provide full ranges of Change-to-Performance consulting and training solutions. Our 2019/2020 focuses include how to enable the Digital Transformation process from the Human aspects, as well as how to help organizations generate business opportunities by connecting with the Greater Bay Area.


Guiding Principle – Creativity, Solutions, Growth

With the focus on performance, under the guiding principle of Creativity, Solutions, Growth, CSG Consultancy invests continuously to develop the up-to-date performance solutions to enable the business results of our customers.


Learning to Performance: 70:20:10 Learning & Development Model
  • 70% On the job experience, including System and Culture
  • 20% Effective Coaching and Mentoring by Superiors
  • 10% Training, Learning & Development in classroom, readings, e-learning

We aim for the most effective learning to performance solutions with no limitation on particular formats.

Enable performance through technology

Mobile Applications and Cloud Based Solutions are the important tools to provide non-traditional learning to performance paths with sustainable bases.

Innovation through Cross-Over

Like Smart Phones, we are integrating the world class best practices and existing resources to tailor-make innovative and effective performance solutions, rather than to introduce or create somethings new but separated items.


Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Model

Adapted from the research of ATD (Association for Talent Development), with the focus on human performance, we serve customers with this continuous and solution based framework.

Business focus

Business goals are always the first things to consider, with the relationships to human performance as the major goals of the consulting process.


Performance improvement is the outcome of the Change Management process, with a systematic design from the beginning to the end of the consulting process.

Measurement is always possible

Desired behaviours are the major part of the measurement criteria, combined together with formative and summative evaluation to ensure the results and hence ROI.


Talent Engagement

Key growth factors of future organizations are Talent, Leaders & Culture.  We emphasize on the importance of talent engagement rather than trying very hard to manage them. It would require a combination of HR and Talent Solutions to create the winning platforms for talents to perform.

Support Startup, Serve SME

In 2017, we start the new platform to serve SMEs and support Startup in the region.  In Hong Kong market, 70% of the companies are classified as SMEs, while in Macau market, SMEs are over 99%!  It is a real challenge to serve this segment with limited resources in different aspects.  We need to integrate different professional solutions to tailor-make the best Growing packages to support the growth!