As work is always in a change, it’s necessary to energize staffs at all levels of the organization to get the continuous growing results. You often need resources and information beyond your own unit, pay grade or department. Whether it’s your boss (or your boss’s boss!), peers or direct reports, you have to influence or even empower them professionally and positively to create win-win solutions all the time.



  • Learn how to engage the counter partners positively with results;
  • Boost the morale of the new leaders to take up the roles;
  • Acquire Team participation, commitment and mutual understanding with “Dialogue in the Dark” Experience to tackle challenge in even better ways.


Format of the Programme

With group sharing, interactive facilitation together with Dialogue-in-the Dark experience, facilitator, group sharing and action plans, and will energize people for next levels team results.



  • Set the Stage
  • Prepare the Mind
  • “Dialogue in the Dark” Experience
  • Learning from the Dark
  • Finding out one’s value & Contribution
  • Understand Support is Mutual
  • Action Plan

Facilitator(s) might alter the workshop flow & content according to venue & participant dynamics.



Victor Ching – CSG Consultancy, Performance Consultant

Victor has more than 15-years experiences in talent development and training field, with the capacity of head position in giant companies. He earns a MA degree (credit) in global business management, Master in Applied Psychology (credit), BBA (honour) in Human Resources Management, and BA (honour) in Applied Psychology. He is also the certified trainer of Mental Toughness Coach (USA), and registered hypnotherapist in England and Canada. Victor is now operating a few companies including business consultant company, kindergarten, chained-retail shop, chained-playgroup center, and training school. He is also now a visiting lecturer at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (SPEED), guest lecturer at Upper Iowa University, and career mentor at Baptist University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong.



Background of Dialogue Experience


Dialogue Experience seeks to overcome barriers between “us” and “them” and to redefine “disability” as “ability,” and “otherness” as “likeness”. This happens mainly through the exhibition Dialogue in the Dark (DiD), and Dialogue Experience Silence (DES) through workshops for teams and leaders.


DiD (Dialogue-in-the-Dark) has been well received by many world class leaders, including participants of the World Economic Forum and members of Young Presidents’ Organization. 100 workshops were conducted in Hong Kong in 2010, and feedback from participants was extremely positive. 95% of them had no hesitation in referring the workshop to friends.

This is a challenging and intellectually demanding workshop specially designed for executives, professionals and leaders. In complete darkness, participants will be guided by visually impaired trainers to experience a 2-hour task-filled session. The facilitator will then guide the participants through a reflection, in which participants can share their insights and learn from each other.


DES (Dialogue Experience Silence), being the Asian first country that introduced this program, has already attracted thousands of people join in these unique, fun and inspiring workshops since April 2011. Many participants learnt to explore and discover their creativity, expression and potential through interacting with our professional Deaf trainers and experienced ways of effective communication in this silent world.

People in Hong Kong usually move fast and aim to work effectively. However, we may miss some important elements in improving our work and build a better team. Dialogue Experience Silence (DES) experiences enable the team to reflect on communication skills, team work, attitude towards challenges and how to think out of the box through temporary removing some of their human senses.