Introduction of the Certified Partners Incentive Scheme

With the vision to construct the smart investment options for Entrepreneurs, and facilitate the growth of talent from different industries, CSG Consultancy is glad to partner with the Greenpro Capital Corporation (namely ‘GREENPRO’) to establish the Certified Partners Incentive Scheme. Certified Partners are our valued capitals to grow and serve customers. The purpose of this Certified Partners Incentive Scheme is to encourage and enable our Certified Partners to engage their customers with next levels capital investment options and enrich their experience and up-to-date market insights!


Certification Process of Certified Partners

Once the potential partner is registered and acknowledged by Greenpro, candidates will be entitled as ‘Associate Certified Partner’ (ACP) of Greenpro and enjoy the ACP commission scheme. They would have to undergo the certification process to become the Certified Partners.


To be qualified as a GREENPRO Certified Partner, you need to become a qualified professional by satisfying the following 3 stages of certification process:


1. Adhere to Greenpro’s 8Rs Corporate Values:

– Righteousness

– Relationship

– Reliability

– Result Driven

– Responsibility

– Realistic

– Reputation

– Resilient


2. ‘Bring Customer Together’ for Continuous Learning Seminars with Assessment, i.e.

– Attend 5 hours ‘Bring Customer Together’ seminars, which should include at least one OTC (over-the-counter) and one Trust seminars, 1 hour each, and other 3 hours topics.

– Complete the online assessments under OTC and Trust topics with 70% or above scores.


3. Successfully Close-deal for at least 1 transaction under any of the OTC/ Trust/ Family Office options



Greenpro’s Corporate Values – “8Rs” 


1. Righteousness – Always do your best to upload our integrity by behaving and doing things in a morally Right way of considered morally correct.


2. Relationship – Always do your best to develop and build good Relationship with our clients who have relied on us to take care of their needs and goals


3. Reliability – Always do your best to gain Trust from clients who ultimately feel that we are people and organisation with integrity and honesty


4. Result Drive – Always do your best to deliver the Result which are expected by our clients, team members, partners and investors at all times


5. Responsibility – Always do your best to be Responsible for your behaviour to deliver good business performance, corporate social performance, corporate citizenship and corporate social values


6. Realistic – Always do your best to deliver Realistic professional advices, opinions and findings to our stakeholders with high degree of accuracy, reliability, integrity and honesty


7. Reputation – Always do your best to build, develop and grow our organisation into a organisation as perceived by our existing and potential stakeholders


8. Resilient – Always do your best to follow the above, develop strong capability and system to withstand changes or hazardous event happening to our business environment and still has our ability to sustain and function without difficulty