Showing proper etiquette in business social occasions benefits business relations, and gives a good first impression on customers or partners. Through good business etiquette that can also help improve corporate image, receive customer appreciation and recognition. What’s more, good etiquette helps resolve conflicts.

On the other hand, table manner is an observation indicator. Sometimes, you have meetings with your customers or partners, the dinner then serve a platform to show your table manner that how professional image you have, but the question is how to master it? How do you think your table manners and behaviours? Yet, the best manners and etiquette is needed to learn as it shows your social upbringing.


Workshop Highlights:

Mastering Personal Image On Basic Table Manners And Etiquette Rules:

(1) Basic tableware set rules and proper usage

(2) Arrangement on host and guest sitting principle

(3) Key and main point of ordering

(4) Eight tips on table manner

(5) A good timing to take napkin

(6) How to handle various dishes

(7) Table topics and taboo

(8) Be a welcome guest



Fionz Chan – CSG Consultancy, Business Etiquette Consultant

Fionz is a professional trainer in the international Etiquette subject, especially in personal image design, etiquette training, corporate image training, international business etiquette, customer service etiquette, leader image, speaker image building and master of ceremonies image.


Workshop Information:

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