CSG Consultancy (“CSGC”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with GCA Professional Services Group (“GCA”) , in an effort to strengthen its growth in the Greater China region and countries along the Belt and Road routes.

As leading professional services provider in their respective fields, this partnership would yield significant synergies and further enhance CSGC’s and GCA’s market leadership by leveraging each other’s resources. Major initiatives of the partnership include the following three areas:

  1. Forming joint teams to offer one-stop, end-to-end professional services to clients, including capital market advisory, market research, brand enhancement, business valuation, organization transformation and human capital advisory;


  1. Developing a global talent acquisition team to address clients’ needs in recruitment, development and succession covering frontline staff to top-level executives; and


  1. Introducing global corporate services business with a focus on assisting overseas companies to set up and grow their business in China.


“Today’s strategic partnership announcement with CSGC is another solid step in our journey to deepen our client relationship by offering world-class human capital and business consulting solutions,” said K.K. Ip, Chairman of GCA.

Peter Yip, Chairman and CEO of CSGC, adds, “The relationship with GCA represents a powerful opportunity for CSGC to significantly expand our clientele outside Hong Kong. We are excited to partner with GCA as we focus our combined energies serving a broader range of customers with additional best-in-class solutions in the areas of asset valuation and management, corporate services, capital market transaction and mineral & energy consulting services.”


About GCA Professional Services Group (GCA)

GCA Professional Services Group (GCA) is a leading financial services provider with headquarters in Hong Kong and regional or alliance offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Harbin, Taipei, Cairns, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Moscow, London and Tokyo. The Group’s five well-established companies – Greater China AppraisalGreater China Asset Services (GCAS)Greater China Corporate Consultancy & Services (GCCS)Greater China Capital and Greater China Mineral & Energy Consultants (GCMEC) – together offer best-in-class solutions in the areas of asset valuation and management, corporate services, risk management, capital market transaction and mineral & energy consulting services.

Our experienced and forward-thinking consultants are kept up-to-date with the latest financial trend and equipped with the best tools available to provide clients with unparalleled expertise and tailored services. By understanding clients’ specific needs and collecting different ideas throughout the consulting process, we collaborate with clients to solve complex business problems. We give unbiased and objective advice to help clients realise their financial and business goals.

Please visit www.gca-group.com for more information about GCA.


About CSG Consultancy (CSGC)

CSG Consultancy (CSGC) is a research-based human capital and business consulting firm, offering market-driven and insightful business and performance solutions to support organizations to achieve business goals.

To effectively execute specific customer needs, we have vigorously selected and engaged 50 talented consultants with different industry experience. Using world-wide proven human performance improvement model, CSGC has earned reputations to help clients undergo business transformation and implement change management process.

Specifically selected consultants partner with clients to understand market situations, investigate internal analysis, re-define business strategy, implement optimal solutions and follow-up.

With the focus on performance, under the guiding principle of Creativity, Solutions, Growth, CSG Consultancy invests continuously to develop the up-to-date performance solutions to enable the business results of customers.

Please visit www.csg-consultancy.com for more information about CSGC.