Knowledge Management (KM) is essential for HR professionals enabling individuals, teams or even an organisation to collectively and systematically create, share and apply knowledge in their organisations to better achieve their objectives (Knowledge Associates).

Transferring and sharing knowledge can help uncover the unknown and add value to business sustainability in the long run.



  1. Transferring Knowledge: What is it for HR Professionals?
  2. What is KM? Basic concept and process
  3. Identification of critical knowledge in an organisation
  4. Methodologies to capture knowledge and experience (e.g. After-Action Review and storytelling)
  5. Mechanism and strategies for successful KM implementation
  6. How to conduct effective sharing?
  7. How to conduct handover leading to knowledge transfer?
  8. Quick wins and smart tips for HR Professionals



Mr Justin Tse, Director, Knowledge Management of CSG Consultancy

Mr Tse has over 10 years’ practical experience in KM. This includes implementation of KM initiatives such as knowledge audit, story-telling, knowledge café, After-Action Review, e-Learning, knowledge capture, strategy formulation, awareness and cultural building and KM platform development. He earned his master degree (distinction) in KM and served as Visiting Lecturer to deliver KM programmes for postgraduates in the past 7 years. During the last 5 years he was also invited by various organisations to share his unique KM experience. In 2017, he served as judging panel member for the Hong Kong Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award.

In addition, Justin has over 15 years training experience, specializing in mediation, career facilitation and language training. He has obtained various professional qualifications, including Project Management Professional (PMP), Accredited Mediator, Global Career Development Facilitator Trainer, Qualified Personality Dimensions Facilitator (Level 1), Certified Professional Behavioral and Motivators Analyst, EQ and Driving Forces Analyst. He has also provided career facilitation services, organised Personality Dimensions and EQ workshops and debriefed various assessment reports with clients such as DISC, motivators, EQ and driving forces.