Membership Terms and Conditions

To protect your interests, you are requested to read the Terms and Conditions before joining the Membership of CS Global Consultancy Ltd. (“CSGC”). By clicking on the “I Agree” button to become a member, it means that you have fully read and understood the Terms and Conditions and have agreed to be bound by them. CSGC has the right to amend the contents of the Terms and Conditions without notifying the user.

Registration and Maintenance of CSGC Membership

To become a CSGC member, you need to follow the registration procedure and provide your correct and complete personal data to CSGC. You should maintain and update your personal data from time to time to keep the information correct, accurate, update and complete. If you provide any false or incomplete information, or CSGC has reason to believe that the information provided by you is false or incomplete, CSGC reserves the right to terminate your membership.

Member Login ID, Password and Security

After you successfully register as a CSGC member, you shall create your own password. With this, you can have access to add, amend and store your personal data on CSGC website. You are responsible for the security of password and login ID when using them. It is advised that you should make sure to log out from CSGC website once you finish your session every time. If you notice that your password is being used without your authorization, please contact CSGC immediately.

Information of CSGC website

You understand and agree that CSGC does not take any legal responsibilities in relation to the quality, use, timeliness or suitability of information contained on CSGC website.

Amendment to the Services on CSGC website

CSGC may change, suspend or delete any contents of CSGC website from time to time. You understand and agree that CSGC is not liable to you in connection with the amendment, suspension or deletion of any information on CSGC website.

Intellectual Properties of CSGC website

You understand and agree that all content contained on CSGC website, including but not limiting to all texts, images, videos, graphics, photos, logos, codes, trademarks, icons and compilations thereof and all intellectual property rights thereto, produced or licensed for use by CSGC, are the properties or licensed properties of CSGC. You are prohibited to copy, reproduce, modify, exploit, post, publish or broadcast any content thereof. You must obtain the prior written consent of CSGC before you use or in any way deal with those intellectual properties.

Membership Data

CSGC agrees not to disclose any membership data to any third parties without the member’s prior consent or notice to the member. Only authorized staff of CSGC can access to member’s personal information for administrative purposes. CSGC may have to disclose such information in compliance with legal requirements of governmental agencies or otherwise where disclosure is required by operation of law.

You agree that your personal data will be added to CSGC’s proprietary data base for statistical and data analysis. Your personal data will not be revealed. CSGC is the owner and proprietor of the results generated from such statistical analysis.

CSGC will use part of your membership data, such as your e-mail address or contact address to introduce or contact you regarding CSGC’s services, events or functions.

Member Behavior/ Code of Conduct

CSGC is not responsible for the behavior of members and is not liable to any third party for the contents given or published by members. CSGC reserves the right to delete any content that CSGC believes to be negative, harmful or in violation of legal regulations. CSGC will also terminate your membership and stop you from using CSGC’s website once you violate the conditions below:

  1. enter into other member’s account(s) without authorization;
  2. interfere, abuse the services provided by CSGC;
  3. use CSGC’s website for illegal purpose(s);
  4. transmit any annoying, harassing, offensive or irritating information;
  5. transmit any information that is against the nation or national security.

If member finds any violation to the Terms and Conditions, please contact CSGC’s Web Admin by email to:

Governing Law

The Terms and Conditions herein shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong SAR.