Mindmarker allows you to take your training reinforcement course with you anywhere you go.

Mindmarker is fully integrated with your company’s training program, so there are no setup hassles. Simply respond to the email invitation your trainer or company sent and you’ll be registered in our system!

After installing Mindmarker on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll be able to access your company’s training reinforcement content no matter where you are! At the coffee shop? No problem!

And when there is new training reinforcement content that needs your attention, you’ll receive a push notification or email on your phone letting you know there is a new Mindmarker on your dashboard. Mindmarkers are short and engaging messages that can contain videos, images, links, questions and even sound files.

You can also use the Mindmarker App to:

  • Quickly review training reinforcement content on your mobile device
  • Check your training stats and see areas of improvement
  • Review previous Mindmarkers

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