Our Goal
Help organizations building the High Performing Teams where team members make their best contributions, boost team results.


Our History

In 2018, with the target to provide even better Performance-based Teambuilding Solutions, Life Master Consulting Limited is glad to cooperate with CSG Consultancy to establish the TeamBuilding Academy.  By combining with latest technology, modern team assessment tools, and innovative teambuilding solutions for all levels of staffs, TeamBuilding Academy will enable the long-lasting results to boost the team performance!



Our Services

TeamBuilding Activities


TeamBuilding Support – Pre & Post Activities


TeamBuilding Academy Director – Steven Leung 梁璟珩

Training Philosophy

Our approach 100% applied experiential learning as major delivery tool

  • Design based on Clients’ Needs, Themes and Targets
  • According to Edgar Dale’s Research:“Learning by Doing” is active learning model to create the most effective learning result to 70-90%

We Believe Experiential Learning can help client to learn complex concepts in short period of time, Especially on:

  • Understanding Oneself
  • Discover Competencies
  • Enhance Personal Growth
  • Improve Social Network
  • Equip Management Skills

The collective qualifications summary of our Trainers and Coaches:

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Social Work
  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • Bachelor of Business Accounting
  • Bachelor of Human Resources
  • Registered hypnotist
  • NLP Trainers/ Facilitators
  • Personality Dimension Facilitators
  • Low Event Adventure Trainers
  • High Event Adventure Trainers
  • Abseiling Adventure Trainers
  • Sport/Rock Climbing Trainers
  • Hiking Trainers
  • Diving Trainers
  • Double Rope Rescue Trainers
  • Leave no Trace Trainers
  • AYP Trainers
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® Facilitator
  • DISC Facilitators
  • Dermatologist
  • First Aiders


Our TeamBuilding Partners


Our Served TeamBuilding Clients


Compliment from Clients

“It was indeed a pleasure meeting you and your colleagues.  My team had a wonderful time on both days and it was so enjoyable and interactive.

All facilitators are so passionate and enthusiastic and we are delighted to receive such innovative training conducted by Life Master Consulting Limited.”

Managing Director – Christian Dior


“Your Lending is energetic, passionate and inspiring and allow members to learn the key to synergy their businesses with BNI Platform. I am impressed by your debriefings which are closely applied with the business concept of BNI. Also, the designed activities were excellent to facilitate members to learn concepts from it.”

President – BNI Abundance Chapter


“The whole-day training focusing on team building, communication and initiative was conducted by Mr. Steven Leung who is experienced and attracted our member with his humorous and yet inspiring approach. The training was successful and our member spent and enjoyable and fruitful day with highly positive comment for the program of the training.”

Operations Director – Ernest Borel


“We had wonderful time and experience for holding conference and team building activities in your hotel, and were impressed by the excellent service, quality food and inspiring team building activities provided by an energetic, diligent and professional team.”

Senior Manager – Swire Beverages Ltd