VR 2.0 High Impact Team

Escalating team cohesiveness through various scenario-based immersive training exercises, facilitated by professional consultant to enhance the team and leader skills.


Background of VR 2.0 Workshop Series

CSG Consultancy & JetOne Motion are co-developing the first professional high impact Team and Leadership development workshop using advanced VR and simulation devices to engage participants in a real-life and virtual reality environment, creating an unprecedented Team Building and Leadership Development series.

We have selected some of the world’s proven co-op and multi-player games to ensure participating Teams and Leaders are fully developed in all-rounded skills.


Workshop Objectives

  • Align team mindsets for highly effective results
  • Adapt challenges and changes of behaviors to execute and make things happen
  • Cooperate with others professionally even under high pressure


Professional Facilitators

Monica Chan – CSG Consultancy, Senior Retail Performance Consultant

with over 20 years of valuable experience in learning & development at different industries in the market. She is top notch Learning and Development Executive with great background in providing leadership and managing the implementation of business unit’s Learning & Development strategy.


Salmon Chow – CSG Consultancy, Performance Consultant

has close to 20 years of experience working with multinational companies and 17 solid years in the field of learning & development.  Being a professional trainer in management & leadership skills, coaching, positive thinking, communication skills, needs-based selling, personal breakthrough and team building etc.


Workshop Information: